Unintentional: Red Tv’s first feature film.

Unintentional: Red Tv’s first feature film.

The new trend in Nollywood is banks collaborating with creative companies and giving us premium content. As we know, Ndani is acing it, and Redtv, well… They really aren’t doing bad at all. It’s just that they can have a great hit and then flop right after, as was the case with The Men’s Club and Assistant Madams; hit and miss. However, what we are reviewing today is neither of the aforementioned, but Redtv’s first feature film: Unintentional. So let’s get right into it.

This story is about a young lady named Seffi who has suffered at the hands of an unfaithful ex: this ship finally crashes when she attends his engagement party. She is set to move on and fate smiles on her when she is posted to Imo state for her NYSC. She is really happy about this because it would mean her relocating from Lagos which is exactly what she had hoped for. The time comes and she is set to travel, she sets out with her friend who has also been posted to the same Place of Primary Assignment. For the sake of having an adventure, they decide to go on a bus trip rather than use an airplane, and they indeed get the adventure they had hoped for. The highlight of this adventure is that they meet Uzo who we would come to learn would not be leaving our screens anytime soon. Fast forward to the middle where we see things pitch up a little bit as Uzo and Seffi’s path almost doesn’t cross and they are both caught up in the sufficient struggles of their personal lives. Then somehow, their paths cross again. As expected, it’s the climax of the movie as it comes with a heightened conflict, but soon enough, all is resolved and we come to the end of this film.

Here’s what I think:

This film had a good story line. I totally love how realistic and relatable it was. It was conventional yet “new” the plot is. This is a typical love story but with some twists and turns here and there. Which in my opinion is really the juice of the story. Another enjoyable thing in this production is the humor. Especially with the three role playing hotel staff—that was hilarious. And of course, the picture quality and sound was good—Nollywood seems to have got this locked down, it’s good to see. The acting was good too, outside Efa’s bad pronunciation of Igbo words, he did well. Kudos to everyone.

However, as expected, there are quite a number of loopholes. For one, the story became too cliche and unrealistic at some point. Especially the parallels at the supposed engagement party, with Uzo bending down to fix Diamond’s shoe and every misconception that came with it. Then the love sick moment resulting in realization and urgency for Seffi, leading her to rush to the airport. All of that part just felt like something from Zeeworld. I could go on, but they would only be based on my personal prejudices so let’s close the curtains here.

Well generally, this was an average production, and a good one for a start.

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