Toni tones’ Tins I love Ep (A review)

Toni tones’ Tins I love Ep (A review)

Gbemisola Anthonia Adefuye or as she’s popularly known as Toni tones has a enjoyed gradual successes in Show business in Nigeria since her return to Nigeria in 2009.

Her photography and acting skills are not strange to us. Her recent involvement in the Netflix series “King of Boys” as Young Eniola salami has to be one of the biggest and sweetest as well.

She however exhumed a different part of herself to us by announcing the release of an EP “Tins I love” . Within the Ep Toni tones shows another side of herself we probably couldn’t detect from the screens.

The album boast of four songs: Don’t loud it, Tempo,Bounce it down and probably leading track Tins I love.

On Don’t loud it, she expresses her displeasure with the media attention and paparazzi that would accompany a public declaration of her relationship with her lover. She plead for secrecy and he should not “loud it” . She desires to dwell in the safe privacy of their love. In what may be the best song of the Ep, Tempo boasts of an upbeat form. In it, she gives the characteristics of what she desires to see in her lover. Her love and blush is available to he who is ready to meet her requirements.

The Trumpet solo magisteriaaal

Bounce it down, continues on the foundation of Tempo, a song aimed at arousing dancing. A constant repetition of bounce it down is employed to this aim.

Tins I love rounds up the 4-song Ep. It summarizes the tins I love in the track; her obsession with energy, distaste for stress and her unrelenting “must or yes” attitude to acquiring money.

For a first Body of work, it pretty much fits. It embodies the lyrical and vocal youngish traits of a new artist testing the waters. Especially in “don’t loud it” , there are seeming shaky sensations on the articulations of some words in respect to the beat. However the cheesy choruses which stick to heart quickly are the upsides of this album.

Pick up the pace, push up the tempo

All in all we are happy with this start and while we think there are still higher levels that can be attained, we are excited at a new player in the music stage.

Oche Echioda

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