This Lady Called Life: The Review.

This Lady Called Life: The Review.

This Lady Called Life: the movie

Trust me, the title of this movie does not prepare you for the story at all. Wawu!!! What is this beautyyyy!! From its title, I was expecting a movie about a nagging wife who probably makes the life of her husband unbearable despite how much he tries to make her see that he loves her. But nahhhhhh the story is just beyond the superficial. It takes a shape of a lady who is literally called life.

Aiyetide a talented chef goes through the hassles of life in her journey to achieving her dreams. She is very passionate about her culinary advancement but is often met with a hurdle at every portal. Along the line she meets the love of her life who believes in her dreams as much as she does (or maybe a little more). The story surrounds how this couple especially Aiye navigate through life.

I must admit, giving a review is very hard for me because I love to just give out all the information I know, highlight them one after the other and explain what it is I love about each but that will be spoiling the fun for you, so I have to be as exclusive as possible. Lol. So I’ll just point out things that were done rightly and you might want to look out for when watching (if you are yet to watch).

The story is a beautiful one. It is very realistic and it literally felt like camera happened to be in front of normal people living their normal lives. It is so relatable. The interactions are so real. The bants… nahh I’m certain those actors had to go a little outside the script because how can a script be so indepth. Quite thorough if you ask me. I enjoyed so many parts of the dialogue…. especially when Obinna had to introduce himself “Obinna container importer exporter…” that was so hilarious. Their bad jokes and bants, when she curved him, when he stood up for her, even their fight (so real! No undercooked conversation) her conversations with her best friend lol, with her father, mother, neighbour, every thing was soo goood!! You know how you always expect a stereotypical and cliche part of a story, I looked for it. I couldn’t find. It is so goooddd. Wow!

Another thing I enjoyed had to be the way the actors played out their characters, especially how Bisola Aiyeola and Efa Iwara owned their characters. It was so fitting. Even the chemistry between them. Very brilliant. Nothing seemed forced. It’s content we love to see.

One of my favourite feature has to be how real the setting is. Real chefs, real places, and real people. We see Chef Cupid, Chef Miyonsea, Afrolems, the use of Reddish Chronicles Cullinary school. I meanI know a lot of works use real settings too but the particular choices of this work made it so peculiar.

Also, you might want to hold your phone close because you’ll discover a fun fact you have to research about during the dialogue. That was a brilliant step!

And yesss. A good work of literature is not without a didactic impact you know? I believe this movie teaches how much we should value dreams. Sometimes we may not have people to push us, we may have to be our own drives and that is fine. Everyone may not be on our side, and that is fine, but sometimes, it is necessary to put our selves and dreams first.

With all these said, I strongly assert that this movie is highly RECOMMENDED!!!

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