SWALLOW: the movie.

SWALLOW: the movie.


Coming to learn about there being a movie adaptation of a book I had to study for my last semester exams made me somewhat keen. Now, I am aware of the unbeatable trend of movie adaptations not being a match for the book. But I really had high hopes for this one. Especially because Kunle Afolayan produced it. To be fair, most of the audience is probably unaware of the existence of the book, so I would refrain from comparing it to its ability to effectively portray the images and literary characteristics employed in the book. Having said all this, let’s dive right into it. It’s going to be a really short review by the way.

Without mincing words, I would say this was a mediocre production.

First off, the character build-up was very shallow. I mean if I had not read the book, I would be clueless on a whole lot of things. Like who is Sisi? and why are Rose and her sister Violet in a cat and dog sort of relationship. What is this family backstory that is hinted at, and a lot of all that stuff? And I know I said I would not be comparing the book to the movie, but how is one really expected to know all these things?

The acting? NOPE. Could have been much better. Especially Tolani, the narrator, and one of the major characters. I mean we could literally catch her occasional quick glances at the camera. She was also unable to portray most emotions. Her facial expressions and gestures too. In my opinion, that role demanded an actor who is above average. Some other actors like the little boy who took Ayo (Mrs. Durojaiye’s son) acted so well, especially in his introductory scene.

Outside the beautiful picture quality, colour grading, sound, costume, and makeup, I didn’t see much of what makes this production stand out. The story was literally rushed, everything seemed half-baked. It felt like they were trying so hard to meet the production deadline and were almost out of time.

The last thing I would like to point out is that the portrayal of the church in this movie is so untrue. Now I understand that literature is a tool for satire and societal correction, but there is a huge line between being satirical and clear-cut offensive. Yes, the church has caused a lot of damage to society, as well as individual brainwashing. But twisting a scripture from the bible while quoting it to fit a certain narrative that you want to portray is wrong.

In all, I would say this production was not great. Because it majored in the minor and minored in the major. You gerrit? If you don’t gerrit, forget about it. bye.

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