The 13th of may came with a flurry of both Nigerian and international new music . Nigerian Content Review so no Kendrick Lamar *insert intense sadness*. Hehehe

Let’s begin from no one else but 001 himself- Davidoo.

I posted somewhere on my status of my special expectation when Davido announced this track. Other members of the big boys in Nigerian music sphere have dominated whilst showing stylistic changes and maturity. This led to huge results A Grammy and numerous nominations. Afrobeat had begun full fledged flight and I was slightly worried 001 wasn’t on board. On hearing the snippet, I think I started laughing *pumps fist in the air* let’s goooooo.

A perfect blend of self expression and reflection gives the track it’s heartfelt form. His achievement, vulnerability, pleasure and pain were laid bare. He once Again infuses shouts out to 30bg his loyal fan base and like a good ambassador he mentions Martell. Davido’s ability to mix up with the Samples and still have a uniqueness to it was beautiful .

Between 2:34 and 2:39. I want to believe I heard something similar to a sequence in Micheal Jackson I’ll be there

I absolutely loved the change, it was refreshing. The pace however was a slight issue for me ,a little slower and the song would have been perfect

The African giant himself also decided to drop his song officially. Last laugh which.he also performed at his last concert in the Madison square deals with personal issues. The song is a sample of Toni Braxton he wasn’t man enough. Burna however adds his own spin on it and give his breakfast version. In this song, he details his breakfast in a beautiful fashion that reminds us of his lyrical greatness. He begins in the usual braggadocio form highlighting his achievements and greatness then spiralling down to emotional vulnerability. He also puts on display the emotional turmoil that followed and the subsequent heartbreaks was reminded him off. He addresses the soboma issue as well as after effects of his breakup, struggles and his coping mechanism. I love the live version but this doesn’t fall too far from that.

Another popularly talked about release was Loving You by zinoleesky. He also sampled another son; ASA’S Be my Man. Nostalgia is such a beautiful thing to exist and can be used by the right people to achieve great results. In this song the sample of be my man helps its replay value more than even the song itself. To appreciate the song one has to also appreciate be my man and love the song. It’s a nice response.

Ololade mi Asakeeee


AMAPIANO has become entrenched into the Nigerian music sphere and there’s is seeming ownership of the sound as artist consistently deliver on it.

The heavy percussion the backup the echoo hola add to a groovy aura that surrounds the song. Asake beautifully steps into rhythm and keeps it groovy

Ekwesu Yo romance party don start

Everybody don dey dance

The above part is pure magic and a testament to the artists talent.

Shoemaker is an absolute Jam by 121 selah

A couple of seconds in and I was already enthralled by the environmental and realistic sounds that greeted me. It’s infused the sounds of a typical shoemaker sport technique in Lagos, it also added a typical Carpenter shop sounds and then compares their discrepancies in skill sets. Then In talking about the heartfixer the heartbeat sounds that saunters in is pure production magic. At this point ,The essence of the song breaths into existence. Realistic elements, the local instruments ,the acoustic guitar, I think I heard the Goje wraps up the entirely beautiful song. Lyricism balanced in beautiful production is such a rare mix in the Nigerian music gospel sphere and it was nice to see one .

Oche Echioda

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