Laws of The Stan jungle (2)

Laws of The Stan jungle (2)

The STAN Jungle is a pretty crazy one to be in, However, considering the circumstances of our time every social media platform is filled to the brim with stans, twiiter Ng inclusive.

I do believe we are all stans. Every single soul on the planet is a Stan. It could range from something as “flimsy” as a reality tv star or as “important” as the football star or the international movie star from another continent. It could also be an industry, firm or company or even Nigerian Content Review.We know you love us. I mean why won’t you?

There are things that we’d go all out for and defend like our lives depended on it. I have friends who’d go to lengths to defend the sanctity of Nigerian movie industry irrespective of the what the conversation was.

However the ugliness attached with the Stan concept is most probably why the target is treated with contempt.

As we said in one, most the Stan battles we see are mostly triggered. A Triggering objective or otherwise statement or opinion usually garners stans which is arguably fine however the form of their responses is what sets them apart. As volatile as these squadrons are they only respond when insulted. However, the severity they employ in their responses can be deadly.

Which leads us to one and only Law of the Stan Jungle


Toxicity and Ad hominem

According Oxford Dictionary An Ad hominem is an argument or reaction directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.
These responses are characterized by personal insults rather than the discourse.

“It’s your father and mother that are mid” is deemed an adequate response to “that song is mid”

Logical and sometimes truthful criticisms arise as a result of the objectivity and relativity of art. However whatever is one’s objectivity would get all kinds of responses including those targeted at one’s innocent parents.

There are those who’d go after the livelihood of their enemies, sending notes to employers and managers. It’s a crazy world to get oneself wrapped in.

However this doesn’t perfectly describe the Stan world there are those who want to be left alone to support their faves in peace.

They do deserve their peace.

But don’t you think we need a name for those who love N.C.R.

Ncrians maybe?


Oche Echioda

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