Late Reviews Providence Ladi Poe.

Late Reviews Providence Ladi Poe.

The rap Genre is one unique genre of music and like every other genre poses its own complexities: the ability to use words to create beautiful Rhyme schemes (Internal and external) is known as flow, the ways these rhymes are accentuated, presented and made obvious is the delivery, and of course content is the sumtotal of that is said. Rap stands at a point where speech, poetry, prose and sometimes singing meet.

In recent years sections of rap have diverted from the detailed attention to lyricism into mumble and trap.

Ladipoe is however a clear student of the former. His lines boast of a sense of deliberateness in artistically presenting his tales. He has sometimes touted himself as the messiah of Rap and at other times just a random rapper who falls short of expectation. He joined Mavin recently and he seems to be on an upward drift as compared to a wavy inconsistent run.

PROVIDENCE, which feels like a rocket launch sequence, re echoes these sentiments. The 6 track masterpiece sees Poe meander through emotions of love, lust, his turmultous journey the community and his expectations. In LOTR II he starts off with a sense of worry and anxiety and uncertainty then he flows into unbridled confidence. This confidence makes him step on the stage and shush others. His Boldness is retained in Afro Jigga also boosted by the daring Rema.

The more emotional Law of Attraction just exposes the romantic side of Ladipoe. The song addresses the illogicalities of attraction. Running resumes on the confident and determined tone despite the tiring state of the nation. He employs magisterial imagery

“crown.don dey bend”

“anointing on this mic”

to allude to his Royal state of glory. On the same song, however, his gloried state morphs into one who is unsure and uncertain.

“When will I ever be the one they imitate”

Only to return to confidence in Providence “ever since I turned GOAT I hated beefing”

Ladipoe’s rap alter ego is an amalgam of varying identities. He’s trapped between greatness and the lack of confidence. His alter ego—or perhaps alter egos—considering the contrasting nature of these two extremes points. They could be perceived as two distinct points or a swing touching differing ends at different times

The quote ” timely preparation for future eventualities” further throws us on a loop of Poe’s perception of himself.

The Album seemingly lacks the knockout definite blow to it but this could also be down to the themes considered and the inconsistency in self perception. However his flows, content and subtle relaxed delivery mixed with courageous tones at times come together for a decent album. His cunny and corny lines are accessories spread across the album.

Brilliant stuff!

Oche Echioda

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