This album was released last year and I just never got around to publishing this until well now.

The Album “19 and Dangerous” is Ayra’s debut studio album but her second project. She had already tasted success in her music career with the first EP. It garnered 25 millions streams across all platforms. However this didn’t stop music mugul and label owner, Don Jazzy from hawking the album until nearly everyone on Twitter either heard of it or listened to it. The frequent giveaways and other incentives he organized to pull people’s attention to the craft was ingenious. The reposting was intense and it was from one of those postings that I, well (whispers ) reluctantly clicked.

The Album as a body is a plethora of emotions of a young woman,It glosses through the various sides of the transitioning teenager. Rebellion, boldness, courage, love, dissapointment and of course breaking the status quo are amongst the explored themes of any story of a young heart.

These Youthful indulgences empowered by strength, raging hormones and a burning desire to reach beyond the possible could sometimes be viewed as Juvenile delinquencies and radicalities of the immature man.

The album kicks off with CAST, Produced by Loudaa , the song sets the tone for the objective of 19 and Dangerous. It begins with a quote condemning heavy reliance on societal construct whilst encouraging the prioritization of the “individual”. Embedded in the song, is also a deliberate abandonment of external opinions or objections. A sole vow to be herself regardless of what others may say.

The Singer unveils the confident and egotistic side of hers in the next song Fashion killer. The metaphors and hyperboles that introduce the song bolster this bold persona. It goes on to proclaim her inner capabilities as a pace setter and an icon.

I’m a Fashion killer

Lonely ,however, takes a different turn and exposes the emotional vulnerability of that stage. It takes a breather from the confident gallivanting and sets the spotlight on a clearly apologetic Ayra. It explores the story of a lonely abandoned lover who misses her lover. She goes on to mention the fallibility of her human nature. Nearly the same theme is addressed in Toxic, this track is filled with a knowledge of what is right and wrong but the inability to do right. This is so because of a toxic relationship that bears no good. Also in Beggie Beggie, the theme of love, want and desire is still being explored. The only discrepancy in this is a recognition of her self worth.

In between, another deeply emotional track with a real slow tempo. She expresses her helplessness, lack of direction and suggested depression.

The lead single Bloody Samaritan returns to the upbeat, fierce and confident side again. It infuses a lot of first person pronouns in a deliberate step in egomania.

My Favourite, Amin, is the best song on the album.

Argue in the comments..I dare you..

It poses a surreal and spiritual side to the entire album. It’s otherworldly and ethereal nature is almost tangible. It’s declarative and prophetic nature set an Ecclesiastesial mood.

The eerie ambience, the beat, the frequent near silence, the vocals, the repetitive background chorus: The world in perfect balance.

“19 AND DANGEROUS” explores the myriad of emotions consistent with the stage of life. It is also clear that the album is a mirroring of where Ayra is( or was considering how long it has been since she released it. Hehe). One clearly grasps every emotions the way she wants them felt.

The seemingly random themes are united by the act of reflection of “what was” and a deliberate preparation in anticipation of “what will”

Ayra nailed this .



Oche Echioda

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