HSC: Could have been better

HSC: Could have been better

High School Chronicles

Having young people take on really tasking roles such as movie production especially in an industry as what we know the Nigerian entertainment industry to be is really empowering. But that should not be an excuse for mediocrity. We understand there is a place for growth and little beginnings may not always be as glorious but there are a few things that should not be overlooked when producing a movie.

One of those key factors in movie production is your story line. How realistic is it? Even a fictitious story has to be sewn around the seams of reality. It is the reality and believability of your story that makes it relatable. Now the question is. How many secondary schools do students call assembly and speak to teachers that way? We understand that some schools can be really crude depending on the area and situation surrounding it, but we dare say that even if that was Justin’s intention, he didn’t pull it off properly.

Our second point is poor production. Best believe, the hype and photoshoot session have way more picture quality than the actual movie. This downside in particular is really disappointing especially as we know Ug on YouTube and his picture resolutions are always on point. Except for that of his films because we could spot the same issue in “REQUITAL”, his first short film. We believe the picture resolution of a production goes a long way to determine if a viewers interest can be sustained. And on this production, quality picture wasn’t successfully delivered.

Next we have an unorganised plot. If you have watched this movie we believe you already agree with this point. There is a sequence which scenes are meant to follow. We didn’t really see that. Everything felt junky and choked up. There was really so much going on at once. And so many really unnecessary and scenes.

Another thing we see here is the unrealistic time frame. You hear of a competition on Monday, you get the whole school to be part of the team competing, you produce comic books in less than four days and competition results are out by Friday????? Ahn ahn. Even if it’s magic uncle. At least you could have let the session end and then let results come in during the holidays. That would be more realistic.

Also, with the assembly scene, we belive the set could have done better. We understand there weren’t much people on set but there’s a way camera coverage would cover that up. Even though the few number of students was attributed to the school failing and students pulling out, we know the real deal sir. You could have done better.

The final downside of this production we want to point out is the acting. Almost everyone’s acting was below average really. It could have been better.

As with all things, this production has some good sides one of which is the choice of names, especially that of the three lead characters, very humorous, we loved it. We however believe that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well and no deadline is worth meeting if delivery below the bar. We understand that releasing this production on his birthday meant a lot to Justin Ug but we reiterate that it could have been better.

Yours critically, Nigerian Content Review.

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