Headies 2021 #14thheadies

Headies 2021 #14thheadies

After the inevitable break due to the Covid’19 lockdown restrictions, the Headies Award comes back. The Headies is an award show that appreciates the Nigerian music industry. Having an unbeatable consistency and being the biggest music award platform in Nigeria, the Headies award is one that is always anticipated as it give due recognition to artistes after a musical year.

So if you missed all the highlights from #14thheadies, we got you.

Here are the award categories, nominated artistes, and winners.

Artiste of the Year: um… a tough one you know but this category was won by Wizkid

This would have been an obvious fault if any one else took it. We are glad Nobody won at the end of the day *winks*

Album of the Year??? Not gonna lie, if the veto power was on me Boo Of The Booless would take this award because I have a bias for Chike and it’s my favourite album of 2020. Buttttt since the decision is up to a number of voters out there Apollo took it. And rightfully so too.

Wahala o! Boo Of The Booless still didn’t take best R&B album???? Well, it’s a let the best man win battle so it’s not surprising that Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps(LTG) bagged it.

Even the album that has the word ‘pop’ in it didn’t secure this award. Fireboy fans are not even playing o!!!! Apollo bagged this again

In a world where all is Yellow, dreams are Lucid, the Lights pierce right through the Pioneers to reveal the Roots, the Caveman take the crown. Get it??? **winks**

Uhhhh… if you’re following the pattern, you should have noticed the unbeatable fanbase hence, you may have guessed the winner of this category. Alright, let’s say it together… Tatoo by Fireboy

Some awards leave you questioning the actual meaning meaning of categories because how much of a rap is Bop Daddy? But then, you see the power of fans.

This same category that caused wahala before!!!! Lol. Honestly though, every single nominee of this category deserves it. The battle was then left to the strongest fan base, and Omah Lay‘s fans came through like bang dang dang dang!!!!

This award went straight to Pheelz Mr Producer…..*cues in a beat*

To begin with, the kinds of videos the Nigerian music industry have been producing is sooooo goood! And really, every single nominee here deserves an award. But for the sake of a winner, Director K bagged this award for Davido’s 1Milli

This final category went to Fireboy. again!

At the end of the event, Fireboy had bagged 5 awards, a number of commendable artistes had gotten their due recognition and the strongest set of fanbase had been proven.

This wraps it for the 14th edition of the Headies Award, Nigeria.

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