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I saw a review on this and was so sure it was exaggerated until I saw the movie. Oh wow! Lol, I cannot believe what I’ve just watched. I must say though that whoever named it was intelligent because at the end you will come to realize that it is an element of foreshadowing that you ignored- the movie was definitely disconnected from itself.

The movie Disconnect: The Wedding Planner is a sequel to Disconnect released in 2018. The first part tells the story of a young Celine, a dentist with a promising career who is actively looking to get into a serious relationship while she ignores what’s been in front of her the whole time. The sequel seems to deviate from this story to focus on Otis and Tk who were part of Celine and Josh’s friendship group in part one. I mainly thought part one has got a lot of irreconcilable ideas, and I had hoped the sequel will bring things together but I was awfully disappointed.

The story is messy. A guy named Otis is trying to get his Nigerian friend to invest in his company and he proposes to plan his wedding. Of course, he is clueless and makes a mess of the situation, which is typical. I’m not even bothered about this part of the story as it is predictable. However, I am confused about the idea behind a Nigerian collaboration for this movie. It seemed like some publicity stunt because the story was made worse by the uninformed Nigerian narrative. The story tried to thrive on intercultural rivalry but even this was full of misguided stereotypes. And what exactly what the scene where Patience Ozokwor got referred to? The most unsettling thing about this movie is that Dele and Rita wanted a destination Yoruba wedding, yet the bride is Igbo. That is not consistent with Nigerian culture. At some point, it seemed as though actors began to mix up roles, because how did Rita get angry and fight in Yoruba when her mother was Igbo to the core? No consistency. Then the overcontrolling role of Rita’s mother is unbearably unrealistic. How can she enter a resort’s kitchen and command the chef? The whole character was unnecessary.

I found the love situation between Otis and TK very confusing. Preeti (Otis’s baby mama) and Tk are friends, so how come TK kept moving to her friend’s man?

Really, so many things were off. Like how come Celine’s character was portrayed as almost jobless when she was a top dentist in part one? Why did they have to vilify the Christian girl? Did she have to sleep with her friend’s boyfriend? I understand that Cekine forgave her man and decided to make things work, but was that last scene where they all met pregnant at the clinic necessary? All the cliche’s were too unnecessary.

In summary, Disconnect: The Wedding Planner is a bad movie with a poorly developed story, character and badly executed plot.

The only thing that was forgivable was the comic relief that the two Nigerian fathers represent. Don’t get me wrong, it was highly flawed by could be pardoned.

That is it for this review. See you in the next!

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