One of those features that one doesn’t see coming-until new evidence surfaces. The picture of Burna and Don broke the internet and it seemed like a teaser for some incoming collaboration.Question was released on the 24th of August , 4pm(Nigerian time)

The collaboration of Burna boy and Don jazzy was one collaboration we didn’t know we needed until it happened. Experience and a reigning King meeting for track should be illegal.

Don Jazzy in recent years has carved another niche for himself in his illustrious career. His selfless benevolence on social media as well as exposing a ridiculous cruise loving side of his to us is really fun to watch. Damini Oulu (Burna boy) Grammy boy, 3-time BET award winner is enjoying the best times of his life. He has permanently planted himself in conversations of the “best Afrobeat product of the country and of course the continent”.

The video kicks off with Burna surrounded by happy children clinging and latching unto him, and a lot more smiling afar off. He resembles some sort of hometown well, dare I say it? giant! The song itself begins with Burna’s strongest foot:his lyricism. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to manipulate words of Nigerian English and pidgin to his every whim. The iconic line that starts the song seems to have caught everyone’s lips on Twitter.

If dem like make dem chop all the tomato dem no go ketchup

In it he establishes the gap and distance between himself and others,while also addressing us about a certain “them” who seem to hate him. He reminds them of their mortal state and that their wishes would be their portion.

The visuals on the other hand tell an accompanying story:his elevated state seems to be envied by some rival. The rival is clearly bent on taking him down.

The ensuing chorus is in mockery of this same “them” who seem to be asking questions and will receive no answer.

The visuals and song then take a more sensual tone as Burna boy states his awareness of what they actually want from him.

The plans to dethrone him however intensifies as the rival makes arrangements for a letter bomb, Burna also seems to dance into some sort of protection.As he takes the pre-chorus a second time so far with “anything you wish me dat be your portion”, the letter bomb implodes whilst with the rival. The chorus saunters in.

Finally we see Don jazzy driving in with Burna. The picture online comes to life with Burna and Donjazzy together. Ofcourse Donjazzy with a crafty smirk on his face slightly impersonates the “them” asking some of the questions.

There’s also a nod to Burna’s recent Grammy achievement. He’s gonna milk everybit of it and I’m here for it.

He finishes up by suggesting “Fearing God” the answer and solution, as well as the iconic line!

Just to dey fear God

The beat produced by Donjazzy is a pleasant mixture of guitar and percussions.

Some may Argue the song isn’t neccessarily a fire track and they may not be wrong. However the sincerity, vocal purity and lyrical brilliance of Burna coupled with the perfect sounds and touch of a legendary hit maker in Donjazzy? The song is balanced diet.

Burna, a master chef now adds another seasoned chef in Don Jazzy ? Come on, it’s beautiful

Ohh one more thing? How did this Review happen amidst the workload?

“Question, but them no get answer”

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With love,Whitelion!

Oche Echioda


Mariagorretti Oluchi Amanso Posted on5:00 pm - August 25, 2021

Amazing write up sir?

Wunmi Posted on9:51 pm - August 25, 2021

Very nice review

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