Sometimes love is sweet, sometimes love is peace but these days love love is wicked begins what may probably turn out to the best song of the first quarter of the year. It is early but Blaqbonez just delivered one of the most iconic rap tracks of the year.

The 27-year-old who recently adopted the personae of a Young preacher has enjoyed success in spreading his anti-love/monogamy message. His deliberate deployment of religious-associated events registered in his antics is once more displayed in Breaking the Yoke of Love. He employs the vocal services of Chike and Raybekah and the duo responded with a master class, taking turns to wreak pleasant vocal havoc. The pick and roll with the ecclesiastic hook and the incessant vocalizing that serenades the entire song provides Emeka Akumfule( Blaqbone’s Government name) the right platform to ‘preach’ his message

He comes for long-upheld traditions of love and beliefs of soul mates. He criticizes the concept of 1 for 1 suggesting there’s always someone better. For rap fans, it is almost impossible to miss the uncanny resemblance and stylistic borrowings from a few international rappers. The song produced by Ramoni is an absolute hit, all sounds in perfect balance and fit, Raybekah and Chike in perfect tandem: Chike staying rooted allowing Raybekah to explore.

This song was originally slated to be a jingle to announce his concert or as he describes it -‘a crusade’, but an afterthought later, and this musical beauty graces us. The auditory aesthetics on this song is off the charts, it’s a pretty good listen.


Oche Echioda

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