Asa is in lovee… V album review.

Asa is in lovee… V album review.

I was riddled with excitement when I read the announcement of the official date for Asa’s new album. However I didn’t start listening until last week ……..yeah I only went for the cavemen song and put it on replay.

Asa joins the illustrious group of Omah lay and Joeboy for their instant noodles track legacy. None of the songs on the album exceed the 4 minute mark, the singles are way shorter. I truly truly believe the brevity of songs is to increase their replay value and I think it works sometimes.

The Album was birthed during the lockdown but at the time according to the artist she wasn’t planning on making an album. Stuck in Lagos, she had nothing else to do than “just vibing”

I was just vibing and making friends and we were making music. -Asa

Well, that’s not the complete truth ,Asa! She was also making hilarious videos of herself dancing and conscious or not it strengthened the bonds between fan and artiste. The heavy touring she did prior to that point also encouraged these actions. The news of features however began to emerge: Big wiz and Cavemen. The question of a diversifying Asa began to arise with those features. By the time, Mayana dropped our suspicions were confirmed. For most of her career, Asa was notorious for her intricate songwriting bordering on philosophical lines. Her lyrical sagacity which has won her many accolades, often appealed to the mature audience. Her works could correctly be mistaken as a poetry due to their meaning-depth and width.Asa suddenly seems vulnerable and dare we say it lovee.The simplicity (sometimes too simple) and straightforwardness as opposed to her usual heavy deployment of metaphors presents and different Asa. Like many other older artists, Asa is definitely tapping Into the overwhelming evolution of Nigerian music.

The name Mayana in itself bears no meaning to how it is used in the album However it is a female name. “Let me be Mayana” could probably mean “let me be your girl”

Best in IQ doingzzzz

Asa is down bad , which really sums up the entirety of this cheesy masterpiece. The BASSLINE on this song just throws one into a groove. An absolute cracker for the first song! The drums of Love palpitate across the album, she veers of a little but hurriedly returns to love. IDG,OCEAN, NIKEthe next tracks re echo these sentiments. The voiced monologue that served as pre chorus in Ocean sorta invokes this scene in Frozen.

For IDG it was great to hear two of the biggest artistes in the continent on one track, it doesn’t dissapoint or fall short of expectations.

In Goodtimes with (my favourite.artiste at the moment) cavemen and All I ever want with Ghanian / Nigerian favourite she arguably veers off a little her main subject of innocence teenage love.GoodTimes addresses friendship and nostalgi and All I ever want just pull the “hinges off the door” with raw sensuality.

I sincerely believe that artists hide gems on their last tracks and this album is another point to add to my arguement speech

I sincerely believe that love me or give me red wine is the best song on the album. My only question in that song is what language was she singing in? Same for IDG.

I read somewhere and I’m forced to agree that for the larger part of the album the songs don’t really kick in until the choruses. The ambience of the seconds surrounding the initials verses seemed to lack a little something. We also never got the meaning of “V” the title. My best guess is since the album is written like a love letter and also embodying themes closely associated with love, the “V” might be a symbol representing the recipient.

Whilst it’s great to see Asa try yet another sound, the album could be mistaken for a 4 or 3 track album due to the length and the musical similarities of some tracks in them.

The strings on the album, omg!


Love me or Give me red wine

GoodTimes ft Cavemen.


Oche Echioda

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