Ahhh Finesse!

Ahhh Finesse!

I don’t believe there’s anything new I want to tell you about the song that has swept the surface of the nation.

We got introduced to this beauty as BNXN’s snippet dominated WhatsApp statuses as well as TikTok, Twitter and Instagram,in a nutshell, it was literally everywhere.

Slowly information began to filter as to the owner of the song being Pheelz on the beat one of the best producers around and BNXN just being featured on the song. PHEELZ, in a tweet also revealed the producer of the song.

After the Portable and Poco lee saga,there seems to a certain drive to give accolades to whom it due more than ever to avoid issues.

Influencers and fans began to clamor for the full song to be dropped, the 30 seconds snippet was too small for fans and we desired more. Ofcourse, there were those who had objections drawing evidence from Rush by Bella Shmurda a while back. The snippet also rocked the country in similar manner but the full song failed to deliver on such huge expectations. I, for one wanted the song out as soon as possible. The best decision would be to ride on the wave and see how far one can go rather than wait for the hype to die down and drop it. The Nigerian audience can be very dynamic and complex, addicted to songs like they can’t move on and in the next breath another tune has taken over.

PHEELZ released Instagram chat screenshot of how Buju seeing a snippet reached out to him and one thing led to the other and the feature was settled.


Filled with corny lines and witty catchphrases, the song is an instant chune riding on the familiarity and addictive nature of the lines in the verses. Only recently

“Breakfast na national cake , e don touch my guy, e go touch everybody”

trended, it was therefore, not too difficult to deduct that the lovely breakfast line in the song would also settle easily with it’s listeners. The themes of Sapa and being broke is no strange phenom too. One more brilliant thing to also note is the number of beautiful references to super Eagles players ( Amokachi, Yobo And Musa) creating a nice balanced link up of the song.

Asides from being simple and defiant, the way the chorus is delivered also helps it stick. The multiple voiced style provides a “concert-like” feeling and stimulates listeners to get lost in the music and probably join in( I know how many times I caught myself doing this).

The song has since its release skyrocketed to No. 1s across different lists and will probably remain there for a while.

For the reinvigorated BNXN, this is perfect. He has to consistently show out and being in the biggest song after rebranding is just the universe recognizing his efforts.

I’ve never stopped in my life, so tell me why would I stop now
Put as much to achieve in my life, I hustle till the sun come down

Never stopped-Buju

PHEELZ and BNXN created madness.

Oche Echioda

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